Motivation in Ancient Greek Athletes: Inspire from them!

Motivation in Ancient Greek Athletes: Inspire from them!
Athletics had a special meaning in ancient Greece, as it was thought to be connected with the idea of glory (ἀριστεία, κλέος); thus, motivation was extremely important for ancient Greek athletes in order to be disciplined.

Some of the most well-known sport in ancient Greece was the following:


The five-event competition consisting of the broad jump, discus, javelin, wrestling, and 200- yard dash. Running in Ancient Greece was comparably tantamount to today, with up to three events: diaulos (δίαυλος), a single lap around a stadium; dolichos (δόλιχος), 12 laps around a stadium; armor race, which was adapted from military training.

Athletes used a wide range of medical materials. Here are some examples, from which you can take ideas to gain you own motivation!

Olive oil (Ἔλαιον) was used in order to smooth stomachaches, but it was also thought to be a cosmetic. Athletes covered their bodies with it in order to protect their skin.

Wine (οἶνος) and grapes (ἄμπελος) were also thought to be contributive medical materials for many athletes, as it helped in protection of traumas thanks to its antiseptic proprieties.

Honey (μέλι) had got many medical and pharmaceutical uses in the ancient world. An athlete in Ancient Greece incorporated honey in his diet in order to be healthy and strong to cope with his strict athletic programme in every day basis.

So, motivation in Ancient Greek athletes was of high importance. Being either an athlete or a businessman, take ideas form Ancient Greek and motivate your career and your life!

Article by Athina Malapani Philologist MA, PhD in Classics.

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