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Ο Αναστάσιος Σχοινάς είναι Certified Life Coach. ICF ACSTH διαπιστευμένο δίπλωμα. Life and Executive Coach, Συγγραφέας και Ομιλιτής. Εάν θέλετε να μάθετε περισσότερες πληροφορίες σχετικά με τα προγράμματα ή απλώς θέλετε να μάθετε μερικές ερωτήσεις για να δείτε πώς μπορώ να σας βοηθήσω, κλείστε ένα αρχικό δωρεάν ραντεβού.

Κλείσε το πρώτο σου ραντεβού τώρα!

Είστε έτοιμοι να ανακαλύψετε τις πραγματικές σας δυνατότητες; Τότε πάμε! Ο στόχος σας μπορεί να είναι να προωθήσετε την καριέρα σας, να ξεκινήσετε τη δική σας επιτυχημένη επιχείρηση ή απλώς να έχετε περισσότερα από αυτά που αγαπάτε στη ζωή σας. Εάν αγωνίζεστε να πιστεύετε στον εαυτό σας, εγώ θα πιστεύω σε σας μέχρι να μπορέσετε να επιτύχετε τις φιλοδοξίες σας.

Δεν ήμουν ο ίδιος άνθρωπος.

Πριν από λίγο καιρό, σκέφτηκα ότι υπήρχε ένα όριο σε αυτά που θα μπορούσα να επιτύχω. Ήξερα ότι ήρθε η ώρα να κάνω μια αλλαγή και να αρχίσω να πιστεύω στον εαυτό μου... συνειδητοποίησα ότι αυτό ήταν μόνο το πρώτο βήμα. Εξακολουθώ να ψάχνω για το πάθος μου και άρχισα να εμπιστεύομαι τον εαυτό μου στο να το βρω...

6 Λεπτά την ημέρα είναι αρκετά...

Για να ξεκινήσεις να σκέφτεσαι διαφορετικά και να αλλάξεις την ζωή σου και την ζωή των ανθρώπων που σε περιβάλλουν ίσως να είναι αρκετά. Εμένα με βοήθησε αρκετά ο Bob Proctor και το Ινστιτούτο του είναι εξαιρετικό για όσους από εσάς γνωρίζετε την Αγγλική γλώσσα. Θα προσπαθήσω να μεταφράσω αρκετά από τα βίντεο του και να σας τα παρουσιάσω σύντομα!

Angelos Derlopas, PCC.

Positivity Leader, ICF ACSTH Author/Provider, Developmental Dialogues, Team & Executive Coach.
Anastasios Schinas studied for his professional qualifications in coaching with Positivity. This course is quality assured through the International Coach Federation and is extremely rigorous and demanding of the student. Anastasios was an exemplary student from commencement of the programme. He has a charismatic personality and at the same time he is modest enough to be able to maintain a learning posture. Anastasios Schinas is dedicated to coaching at high standards. He can bring wit, flexibility and inspiration. He demonstrates an authentic and respectful curiosity for the client. He has the mind, the drive and the will to succeed. And he brings coaching his own flavor. Genuine, openminded and a kind spirit.
Agia Paraskevi, Greece.

Michael Kambourellis, CTS.

AV Project Engineer / RF Specialist. Bachelor of Arts at Middlesex University, England.
Anastasios Schinas is a very well disciplined, focused, detail oriented individual with various talents. I have had the pleasure of engineering some of his own music tracks, as well as tracks he produced for other new and upcoming artists. His determination, passion for music and professionalism are worth mentioning. I wish him the best of luck in his future projects and musical quests.
Houston, Texas, USA.

Athina Malapani, PhD.

PhD Field Of StudyClassics and Classical Languages at Université Paris-Sorbonne. Teacher of Creative Writing.
Anastasios Schinas is a focused and highly skilled and educated life coach. He is well-organised and his love for programming inspires any of his clients to adopt the same method in order to ameliorate his/her life. His professional and, at the same time, optimistic and enthusiastic way to show you the best you can be is really appreciated. You can advise him in case you need to find the work and personal life balance.
Athens, Greece.

Kostas Ioannou, CEO.

C.E.O. at MLMPlus. Master's degree on Computer Science Grade at Technologiko Ekpaideutiko Idrima, Athens.
Anastasios Schinas is a role model for the younger people, he is an amazing motivational "machine" that never stop giving energy to his coworkers. This man will shine, remember Anastasios Schinas.
Athens, Greece.

Change your Mindset, Change your Life.

I bring you a small piece of Carol Dweck's Mindset, i think this will make consider and will be good food for thought.

Andrew Carnegie once said: "I wish to have as my epitaph, Here lies a man who was wise enough to bring into his service men who knew more than he."

Okay, let’s open the windows and let some air in. The fixed mindset feels so stifling. Even when those leaders are globe-trotting and hobnobbing with world figures, their world seems so small and confining—because their minds are always on one thing: Validate me!

When you enter the world of the growth-mindset leaders, everything changes. It brightens, it expands, it fills with energy, with possibility. You think, Gee, that seems like fun! It has never entered my mind to lead a corporation, but when I learned about what these leaders had done, it sounded like the most exciting thing in the world.

I’ve chosen three of these leaders to explore as a contrast to the fixed-mindset leaders.

I chose Jack Welch of General Electric because he is a larger-than-life figure with an ego he held in check—not your straight-ahead naturally self-effacing growth-minded guy.

And I chose Lou Gerstner (the man who came in and saved IBM) and Anne Mulcahy (the woman who brought Xerox back to life) as contrasts to Alfred Dunlap, the other turnaround expert.

Jack Welch, Lou Gerstner, and Anne Mulcahy are also fascinating because they transformed their companies. They did this by rooting out the fixed mindset and putting a culture of growth and teamwork in its place. With Gerstner and IBM, it’s like watching Enron morph into a growth-mindset mecca.

As growth-minded leaders, they start with a belief in human potential and development—both their own and other people’s. Instead of using the company as a vehicle for their greatness, they use it as an engine of growth—for themselves, the employees, and the company as a whole.

Warren Bennis has said that too many bosses are driven and driving but going nowhere.
Not these people.
They don’t talk royalty.
They talk journey.
An inclusive, learning-filled, rollicking journey.

Carol Dweck "Mindset".

Brought to you with Love and Respect by, Anastasios Schinas.

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"Εάν δίνεις τον καλύτερο εαυτό σου, δεν θα έχεις χρόνο να ασχοληθείς με την αποτυχία."
- Αναστάσιος Σχοινάς -

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